CuparbHi, I’m Pranab and Welcome to Cuparb. I am a Front-end Developer and have 2.5 years commercial experience working with various clients providing responsive front-end development and WordPress websites.

About Cuparb –

This is Cuparb, a website where I write about my experiences in front-end technologies. such as html, CSS, javascript, WordPress, Bootstrap, sass.

How I come up with this odd name –

It’s sound like a very odd name for a front-end guy’s personal website. Tried every near-my-name, domain but didn’t find one. That’s why stick with this one. Actually, this name I choose because it’s rhyme with Superb. Get it!! Superb Cuparb!!

Skills –

What you expect from 2.5 years experience guy with holding an Electrical Engineering Degree in one hand and JS – the good parts by Douglas Crockford on the other hand.

But, I know a few.  Let’s look at the list.

  1. HTML5
  2. CSS3
    1. SCSS
    2. LESS
    1. JQUERY
    2. VUE.JS
  5. PHP (Basic)
  6. GIT

Whoa!! just look at the pretty list. B-E-A-Utiful right.

Wanna Contact me?

then just click the link Contact, it’ll take you to the contact page.