CSS3 transition-hover effect

CSS3 Basic Animation 01 – hover effect

Today, I’m gonna demonstrate the basic CSS3 transition animation with pseudo-class :hover effect.

So, what is CSS3 hover effect?

Hover means when you put your mouse cursor over an element, then this time the hover initiate. If you mentioned something happens on hover state, then changes happen depending on how much duration you put on your CSS.

Like, many websites when you visit, you see when you place the cursor top of the button, suddenly it’s color changes OR width of the button increase OR some animation happens, all of this is hover effect.

I’m already writing a blog on transition, see it here What is CSS Transition? , here you see some examples of hover transition.

Recently, I’ve uploaded a video to youtube, see that video.

If you do not understand any part, just comment out below, I’ll reply as soon as possible.
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