HTML 5.3

W3C announces HTML 5.2 is completed and 5.3 is on its way

Today W3C releases HTML 5.2. This is the second revision of HTML5, following last year’s HTML 5.1 Recommendation. In 2014 we expressed a goal to produce a revision roughly every year; HTML 5.2 is a continuation of that commitment.

Many of the features added integrate other work done in W3C –

  1. The Payment Request API promises to make commerce on the Web far easier.
  2. reducing the risks of making a mistake or being caught by an unscrupulous operator.
  3. New security features such as Content Security Policy protect users more effectively, while new work incorporated from ARIA helps developers offer people with disabilities a good user experience of their applications.

These are just some examples of W3C’s work to ensure the HTML specification reflects the reality of the Web. There are many other changes large and small in this update, which developers can use with confidence as a reference.

Today also sees the First Public Working Draft of HTML 5.3. This was part of our existing plans to produce a new HTML Recommendation in 2018. This week WHATWG announced a new structure, and we are again exploring ways to collaborate with them on HTML. While this means the current plans may change, we remain committed to ensuring that HTML development takes into account the needs of the global community and that HTML continues to improve in areas like accessibility, internationalization, and enabling privacy alongside providing greater interoperability, performance, and security.

Brace for impact everyone!! Click here to see the HTML 5.3 officially in its first public working draft.

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