HTML 5.3

W3C announces HTML 5.2 is completed and 5.3 is on its way

Today W3C releases HTML 5.2. This is the second revision of HTML5, following last year’s HTML 5.1 Recommendation. In 2014 we expressed a goal to produce a revision roughly every year; HTML 5.2 is a continuation of that commitment. Many of the features added integrate other work done in W3C – The Payment Request API promises to…

CSS3 transition

What is CSS Transition?

CSS Transition is allowing you to animate your HTML element smoothly without using any smoothly animatable frameworks. Ok then, let’s dive into it. Basically, there are 4 CSS transition properties available. transition-property – CSS property name where the transition will be applied. ( allows multiple properties separated with comma). transition-duration – how long does the transition animation should take to…

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